Have Fun and Explore!

Our wine list represents the true soul of a bistro wine list. In a classic French bistro, wine is very much a part of every meal.  As such, we offer a variety of experiences and wines at a tremendous value in a range of prices.  We invite you to consider this variety and try wines ranging from an approachable bottle of Sancerre to an incredibly rare bottle of White Burgundy. Just as our menu moves from starters to entrees, the wine list is arranged from lightest to heaviest body. The list has been organized into broad categories by similar flavor profile.  You might recognize some wines or varietals, and there are some that might not be as familiar—our hope is that you might try something new and equally delicious! We want you to feel like you are dining in our home, while experiencing some of the best food, service, and wine in Boston. We truly enjoyed putting this list together; we hope you enjoy drinking it – Cheers!