2016 Improper Bostonian – Best French Restaurant
2016 Boston Magazine – Top 50 Restaurants
2016 Wine Spectator – Best of Award of Excellence


2015 Boston Magazine – “Top 50 Restaurants of Boston”

2015 Improper Bostonian – “Best Sommelier of Boston”

2015 Wine Spectator – Best of Award of Excellence


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2014 Boston Magazine – “Best Sommelier of Boston”

2014 Improper Bostonian – “Best French Restaurant”

2014 Wine Spectator – Best of Award of Excellence


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2013 Improper Bostonian – “Best French Restaurant”

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2011 Boston Globe / – “Best French Restaurant”

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2010 The Boston Herald – A

2010 The Boston Globe – 3 Stars

2010 The Boston Globe “Best of the New”

2010 Wine Spectator – Best of Award of Excellence



 “The Boston-New York inferiority complex is nothing new, especially when it comes to restaurants. But Boston has raised its culinary game recently with Bistro du Midi. Opened in November 2009, this bistro is run by Robert Sisca, formerly the executive sous chef at Le Bernadin, who has created a Provençal menu with a focus on local fish” – The New York Times


“In the midst of an upscale comfort food blitz in Boston, Bistro du Midi arrived. There was no lobster mac and cheese, no chipotle meatloaf. Just classic food and strong service with an emphasis on the ocean – chef Robert Sisca previously worked at New York’s famed seafood restaurant Le Bernardin. Elegant dishes like stuffed calamari and coral-infused chitarra pasta with Maine lobster shine, as do homier plates such as beef daube and roast chicken for two. Sip a rose on the patio and it’s like you’re in Provence, where there’s nary a slider or Scotch egg, just bouillabaisse, ratatouille, and sunshine. – Boston Herald


Habituees are wholly “happy” with this Back Bay relaxing”, “sophisticated” second-floor dining room with “beautiful views” of the Public Gardens and “well-prepared” Provencal fare, “a perfect combination” of “rustic” and “modern”, there’s a “different menu” in the “casual street-level bar” , but the staffers are universally “charming”. – Zagat 2012 Guide


It’s been a smash hit, and the spot now hums nightly with happy diners supping on bouillabaisse, ratatouille and some of the finest fish dishes in town”


Boston Magazine, “The Fifty Best Restaurants”, Donna Garlough, Alexandra Hall, Andrew

Putz and Amy Traverso


New to Boston’s Back Bay, Bistro du Midi has introduced one of the city’s most formidable wine lists.”


Wine & Spirits Magazine, Chris Hallowell


Dinner is a series of nonstop taste treats…. As you’d expect from Sisca’s resume, the man knows how to cook fish. The chunks of loup de mer, monkfish and striped bass in the classic bouillabaisse are moist and juicy. But Sisca is no slouch in the meat department. His classic Provencal beef daube ($26) of braised beef, red wine and olives is aromatic and intense. It’s fabulous with mashed potatoes enriched with olive oil – they actually glisten.”


Boston Herald, “Bistro du Midi: C’est bon!” Mat Schaffer



“The restaurant’s “classic” presentation [of bouillabaisse] was a thing of beauty. The evening I enjoyed it, the bouillabaisse consisted of striped bass, branzino and monkfish served in a shallow bowl with two small potatoes shaped like dirigibles. Onto this combination, the waiter poured hot, full-bodied stock infused with tomatoes and saffron. The traditional accompaniments… completed the virtuoso performance.”

The Improper Bostonian, J. Charles Mokriski


[T]he restaurant doesn’t compromise. Bistro du Midi is intent on providing atmosphere, but not at the expense of comfort or practicality. It’s intent on serving food and wine that don’t kowtow to recession fashion. It’s intent on being a Restaurant with a capital R. It pulls it all off with aplomb.”

The Boston Globe, Devra First


Bistro du Midi serves top-notch traditional dishes in its rustic street-level bar as well as its more formal upstairs dining room, which offers a spectacular view of the Public Garden.” Panorama, What’s Hot in Hub Dining Issue


Bistro du Midi…has food that’s simple, rustic, and not ungodly expensive. Bistro du Midi serves  Provencal  dishes  like  bouillabaisse,  ratatouille,  and  whole  roast  chicken  for  two, executed  with  precision  by  chef  Robert  Sisca,  formerly  of  New  York  seafood  mecca  Le Bernardin.”

Boston Magazine, Where to Eat Now/Best Restaurants 2010


Fuel your Parisian obsession with a stop at Bistro du Midi.  Linger at the downstairs bar (or sweet  café  tables)  over  a  glass  of  wine  (they  have  more  than  1,000  varieties)  and  bar snacks…”

Daily Candy


“The charms of the French are so hard to resist… BDM is the sort of rustic bistro you’d find in the Provence region of France…”